Jolt Jeans Review

6:48 PM Posted by Courtney B

Have you heard of Jolt Jeans? I'm a huge fan of their clothing line. They have some super hot new clothing up for Summer of 2012, all at super affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a new twist or nautical pieces, Jolt has it.

Each piece is fun flirty and great for women of all ages.  I have only worn their jeans in the past, and honestly didn't even know they sold dresses, tops, rompers and more. This is the first of many Jolt posts I will have, leading up to this Summer, but since it's still chilly outside, I thought I would share my gorgeous Jolt Jacket with you all.

The Jolt Juniors  is one of my favorite pieces from Jolt's current collection. It   is a motorcycle type faux super soft jacket, that comes in a gorgeous olive green. Isn't it cute?

Jolt Jeans is available at Nordstroms and Amazon.  Stay tuned for more posts about Jolt Jeans!


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