I'm a victim of a Bingo Scam

9:31 PM Posted by Courtney B

I'm so annoyed right now, I just have to share my story with you all. I love to play Bingo, and a couple years ago I decided to play online. (Big mistake) I see many bloggers blogging about different offshore Bingo sites as a sponsored post. I would never do this, for the simple fact many of these companies are a complete fraud.

3 years ago I played on BingoHall.com My first time playing I deposited $10 and won the jackpot! ($20 grand) I was so excited I couldnt believe it. Then I started wondering, Would I get paid? After reading the rules of the site , you have to deposit 3 times before you can be paid. Ok, so I have to deposit some more money. No, if you're a new player you cannot request money until 6 months of playing. So I continued playing my jackpot down.

2 years later, I finally got results and I was paid a couple hundred dollars here and there. I was warned by several people that this site was a fraud, but I was sure as long as they were paying me it was not. Anyways a couple months later, my account was shut down. I asked what happened, and BingoHall said they could not verify who I was and completely shut off my account.

Lets back up a bit. When I sent over all my documentation to be paid, my bank account was hacked several times. My bank account number was used "offshore" Coincedence? I dont know.

Anyways, now that I have won a large sum, Bingohall has told me they cannot pay me, and my account has been closed. I am disgusted with how these offshore Bingo accounts do business. Upon further investigation, I have learned Bingohall is on a list of blacklisted bingo sites US players should not play on. They will do anything not to pay you, and I've talked to several others who have deposited a lot of money, won and received nothing. Just a warning for all my readers, stay away from Bingohall.com ! They are not located in the US. (Which I didnt realize until later) therefore they don't have to pay you a dime, and they won't.

Here is a list of "blacklisted" Bingo sites you should stay away from.

And other sites warning you about BingoHall


  1. barbara.montyj said...

    I like bingo too.
    So sorry you had this experience - awful!

  2. karenmed409 said...

    never played bingo online before.. did play slots many years ago and won the 1st time I played.. It was out of the us and I did get my money.. things have changed since then. sorry you had to deal with all this.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Offshore, you are seriously taking a real gamble and not one of winning, but being scammed. Rule is to just never do it. Some people have won things not on US territory, but there are more people who not only lost money, but also gained a big headache for years to come. Offshore is not in US boundries and US can not interfer in investigating it or getting your money back. That is why we also can get many of those spam saying "you won 1,000,0000 pounds, eros, pesos" or whatever currancy and US can't do anything about our "win" that these scam places claim we have been given. It sure sucks for sure. But never give personal information to people you can not talk to nor walk into their office with approved US address. If won, always accept the check and can find out whether real or fake. but to allow direct deposit is risking alot. you are risking too much. Today's society, honesty isn't companie's best policy anymore. Only thing I dislike about our generation and future generation is greed has set in and morals/values is getting less. When you win something and they dont hold their end of the deal or there is too many hoops, jumps, squats and marathones to run, you need to pack your bags and just walk cuz it can only lead to a scam in the end. I will pass on your info as I know some people who like to try to do some online gamble games, to which many are illegal to do in the US.

  4. Anonymous said...

    opps cut off before I was done. I just also wanted to add that I am sorry it happened to you. Wish we had the ability to take action to those people who steal from others who are just out having fun. May you have blessed true winnings this year!

  5. Anonymous said...

    interesting info players should know here about bingovega another rogue site http://www.facebook.com/Bethiepoo29

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