Winter Must Haves

7:24 PM Posted by Courtney B

Do you shop online? I'm constantly looking for new hot womens clothing on the internet, and although you don't really have the chance to try the outfit on, you will find clothing that not all your friends have. Isn't clothing really about being unique and different? Well you won't get that from the mall. That is why online shopping is a must for me.

Winter is coming up, which means gorgeous sweaters, leggings and my favorite part, boots! For some reason, here in Arizona I get so excited when the weather gets cooler. To me, clothing like jackets and coats are so much more fun to wear then shorts and flip flops. Plus being pregnant, I can't WAIT for the cool temperatures.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite Winter looks with my readers! A couple styles you can only purchase online and you won't find at your local mall. I don't know about anyone else, but the local shopping mall near me is horrible when it comes to clothes. I never go there anymore.... maybe it's just my location. Ugh!

Cardigans: I love a cute cardigan, especially when it's done correctly. They can be worn with an adorable dress, or just your favorite pair of jeans. I love the cropped cardigans so much more then the longer ones. They can really show your figure off while still looking classy.

Long Jackets: I love the camel colored jackets. (Or camel colored anything)  Short or long, these are a must have for Winter. Especially if you're in a colder climate, then you're going to want to snag a couple. A little bit of fur on the cuff or collar adds a little more warmth, but jackets look so cute with a hot pair of boots.  Comfort is also a plus. Make sure you get the right fit, or your jacket might look a bit silly.

Boots: Tall or short, ( I prefer the ankle boot) EVERY girl needs at least one pair of adorable winter boots in their collection. I have at least 10. Although I don't have a white pair like the ones above. Boots can come in so many different shapes and styles, I think I have a slight obsession. But they are my #1 must have for the Winter. And who doesn't love a good pair of shoes?

Leggings: I've been seeing some really unique leggings pop up this season, and the ones above are some of my favorites. Leggings are super comfy and look great with an oversized sweater and a good pair of boots. They come in tons of different colors, and are also great for  wearing under a dress or skirt. Right now I've been wearing them almost every day because when you're pregnant, leggings are so comfortable. And they stretch, so if you're having a "fat" or bloated day, leggings can make you feel much thinner when worn correctly.

What are your must haves for the Winter? Womens clothing is so much more fun in the Winter! I'd love to hear your ideas!!

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