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Peacock Alley has become my favorite go to company for luxury bedding and bath products.  When it comes to things like sheets, towels and comforters the brand  and make you buy really matters because you want to live in complete comfort.  Peacock Alley carries beautiful sheets, Bath products and bedding to make you feel like your living like a princess. (Or Prince!)

"Founded in 1973, by Mary Ella Gabler, Peacock Alley has a long tradition of making the bedroom a place that speaks comfort, peace and happiness. Credited with establishing the specialty linen market in the United States, Gabler predicted the bedroom would become a multipurpose space for living, working, relaxing and sleeping. The bedroom today has become exactly what Mary Ella foresaw!

She saw a void in the market and set out to develop a line of fashionable bedding that would appeal to stylish consumers looking to dress their bedroom the same way they dressed themselves: in natural fibers, classic silhouettes and pleasing colors.

Today, the Peacock Alley bed and bath line is an ode to Mary Ella's sense of personal classic style. Every towel, sheet and sham exudes a sense of indulgence, a sense of chic style and most of all, a place of comfort. From chic luster to earthy texture, the Peacock Alley story speaks to anyone hoping to express their sense of self in their surroundings."

Here are some of my favorites from Peacock Alley...

Now I know it's hard to tell the quality and feel from just a couple of pictures, so let me tell you about my favorite product from Peacock Alley, the Tiffany Bath Rug Imported from Portugal, this is 100% Long Staple Cotton. I wasn't sure what this meant, and I wasn't expecting something so luxurious as what I received.

I have the Tiffany bath mat in Espresso, (dark chocolate brown) but of course it also comes in Glacier, Ivory, White, Wheat, Natural and more. So honestly, the picture on the Peacock Alley website does this no justice. When I opened up the package and put this on my new bathroom floor, stepping on it was like stepping on feathers. This is the softest mat I have ever felt! It even leaves an indent of your foot, so you can see how plushy it is. I really don't think I'll ever go back to Bed Bath & Beyond for my bath mats again.

You can see my foot indent in the above picture. Not only is this the softest mat I've ever had, it is gorgeous. I can't wait to do up my bathroom in espresso to go along with the Tiffany mat, (along with the matching hand towels)

The hand towel is equally as soft, I really didn't want to put it out because I don't want anyone using it! I think I will use these for back up, or just for decoration because they are so pretty. I can only imagine the quality and softness of Peacock Alley's bedding products, and I think I might have to splurge a bit and buy my bedding from their site.

You can purchase the Tiffany Bath Mat in sizes small, ($85)  or large  ($115) at Peacock Alley. If you're thinking the price is a bit steep, I guarantee the quality matches the price, which I can't alway say about products I review.  I'm so happy I found Peacock Alley, no joke. Sign up for their newsletter and get an extra 15% off your purchase!

Peacock Alley is also on Facebook and Twitter.  Free shipping until Labor Day!

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


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