Shaunie O'Neal Launches Shoe Line

6:10 PM Posted by Courtney B

Are you a fan of the Basketball Wives? I hate to admit, that I watch the show religiously every week. When I heard Shaunie O'Neal was going to create a shoe line for Chinese Laundry, I was a little iffy. I love Chinese Laundry, but I wasn't quite sure what the line would look like. Well now it's out, and I'm a little bummed.

First of all they are a bit on the expensive side, and they look like any other shoe I could buy in the mall. The price? About $100 a pair. Here's the full line up if you want to take a look.. what do you think about Shaunie O'Neal's shoe line? Are you impressed?


  1. crystal said...

    I like it for it's Heavy Metal look but you say not very unique..and i believe you!

  2. SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

    So did she just slap her name on this line or did she actually design the shoes? There's nothing special about any of the shoes.

    --- Nicole

  3. Keenly Kristin said...

    Wow, you're right! What a disappointment. One of the shoes (Heart Beat) looks just like what Snooki wears all the time...the rest I wouldn't be interested in no matter what label or price...although I do like the ones you listed above, as well as the similar Hot Island.

    Kristin :)

  4. Missa said...

    Nothing original there!

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