Pettel Maternity Review

6:25 PM Posted by Courtney B

Pettel Maternity is another online maternity shop I discovered that i'm in LOVE with! They have gorgeous clothing for pregnancy and nursing. And the prices are much better then most maternity stores. If you haven't ever been shopping for pregnancy clothes, I gotta tell you, they are EXPENSIVE! Pettel has a wide variety of tops, dresses, bathing suits and more that will keep you covered throughout your whole pregnancy.

The Mika Tank

The Blinker Tunic

I received the Cap Top in a beautiful blue. This top really shows off your baby bump. It's also a discreet nursing top with a slit right above the tummy that you can't really see unless you pull up. It comes with a scoop neck and cap sleeves, and the top is very sheer so it will show exactly how pregnant you are. (In this pic I was 16 weeks) It also comes in black, Grey and Green and is on sale for $54

Sorry I look absolutely horrible in my pics, but these were taken when I was sick. (Note the no makeup and hair up look) The shirt was perfect however because it's so comfortable and I can wear this even when I'm not pregnant because of how form fitting it is. This is my first nursing top, and I hope to collect more like it because I love the idea of the hidden slit.

The Cap top is a top I will keep forever, on and off pregnancy. I love the pretty blue and the top is so comfy, it can be worn with shorts, jeans, leggings anything! It's a good length too, so you're sure to be covered no matter what.

You can purchase the Cap top along with many other shirts, skirts, dresses and more at Pettel Maternity. Also visit their blog for great baby advice, and their Facebook for exclusive sales and coupon codes!

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review only. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


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