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2:00 PM Posted by Courtney B

The summer months- a contradiction when it comes to emotions and weather! The relief many feel from the sunshine (and lack of finals, for those of us who are students), are counterbalanced with sweltering and overwhelming heat!

The only way to enjoy the summer in all its sunshine-y glory is to dress appropriately- ensuring you don’t have to retreat to air conditioning after only a few minutes in the heat!

William Rast Scarlet 867 Denim Short

Cut-off denim short-shorts have been a summer wardrobe staple in a woman’s closet for decades- as they should be! Looking effortlessly sexy and casually cute all at the same time is the appeal of the warm-weather alternative to full-length jeans. Wear them casually with a bright-colored tee while lounging or at lunch with friends, or wear them with a cute top and wedges for a night out on the town. No matter the circumstances, denim shorts allow you to show off lots of leg for some va-va-voom sex appeal, all while keeping your look comfortable and casual.

Rock Revival Alanis H Denim Short

Denim shorts by the likes of William Rast, Rock Revival and J Brand are a must-have summer item for all women!

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