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6:33 PM Posted by Courtney B

Do you remember your graduation? I do. I remember how nervous I was and how I didn't want to attend. I was never that good in school, and I was never really into school activities. But you always feel accomplishment when you graduate something. You finished! You didn't take a shortcut, or fail, you completed something that takes time and effort. That is why people love to celebrate graduation.

I started another high school in my senior year, so I didn't graduate with all the people I grew up with, but nonetheless it was still special. My whole family came to watch me accept my diploma and I remember feeling extremely proud. Even though high school is something you're expected to complete, it still makes you feel good inside. You also get that wondering feeling of what's to come next. Let's face it, your life really starts after high school.

So after high school I completed some college, and graduated but for some reason it just wasn't the same. I remember the gifts and congrats I received, plus the cards that made me feel extremely proud. Sometimes I wish I could go back ten years to that time, when life was so simple. Of course after that there was my sister's graduations but I really haven't been to once since. I guess next step will be my kid's graduations, and I'm sure I will be just as proud as them as my parents were of me! It's definitely a day I will never forget!

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  1. Mens Fashion said...

    Nice stationary by Tiny Print..hope I can have some of those cute stationary, I also remember when I graduated in college most of my classmates are crying and after that some got married and some went to other places to find a job and now after 12 years had been past I still remember all the things we have done..wish I could turn back time on those days when we are in college.

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