Exchange your Old Bridesmaid Dresses for something new!

3:00 PM Posted by Courtney B

Deciding what to do with a bridesmaid dress after you've worn it to a wedding has been a conundrum that women have faced for eons. You could donate it, try to sell it or pass it on to a friend. Now, The Dessy Group - one of the leading makers of bridesmaid dresses (including the Lela Rose and Cynthia Rowley collections) - is offering a new solution: Simply send them your unwanted bridesmaid dress, from ANY brand, and they'll either donate it to charity ( or recycle it with the help of UNIFI, a global textile company. In exchange for donating your dress, you'll receive a special 30 – 50% credit value towards the purchase of a new, totally chic, totally wearable "any occasion" dress.

I have SO many bridesmaid dresses, (well only 3 but it seems like a lot), but let's face it, they will never be worn again. Visit, where you can request a complimentary return mailer and learn more about the program


  1. Shannon said...

    How awesome! I love Dessy Group. I used to work for a bridal salon and Dessy was so awesome to work with. I'll def. keep this in mind for an upcoming wedding I'm in. Thanks for the post!

  2. SDavid said...

    Hi, i would like share some suggestion to upcoming couples about wedding dress. We should be pre-planned for wedding. Wedding arrangements includes crackers, cakes, dress, flowers, seating arrangements and more....
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