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1:26 PM Posted by Courtney B

This original post is from the blog, "Mommy Goggles" and was written there. I have permission to copy this and take this to MY blog, because this person has not only won once but at least twice here and my other website, and I was thinking they were just lucky. They are now banned from entering any giveaways. I reposted this hoping other bloggers would block them as well. This is not fair to people who host giveaway AND others who enter giveaways. I do both. I feel cheated, and I feel like my fair honest readers were cheated.. Please read on.

It was brought to my attention today that there is a person, sweeper…. aka: sweepstake’r, that has been going around to numerous blogs with multiple Twitter handles, multiple email addresses yet the same IP address all to win prizes from the blogosphere. Really? You don’t think us bloggers are smart enough to figure this out?

Oh, and yes, I totally went there…. Here’s the person’s user name as commonly used, as well as their email addressES and IP address. <- one IP address.

■Search results for “Hity88”: 27 items
■Search results for “Hiann88 ”: 26 items

■anna t
■Richard T

Do you see a similarity, or even a pattern here? This is just on my own blog; I would be more than happy to show you some other blogs where this person(s) is doing the exact same thing.

Either way….. It takes a lot of time for me, as the blogger, to host a contest. You may think that it is simple for us bloggers to post something, like a free item, all for some person to post on this contest as multiple people in order to win a prize.

Three words:
Oh…. and I will not tolerate it. Anna…. Richard … Yoda… whatever your name shall be today….. You should be ashamed of yourself(ves).

Thank you to NIght Owls Perch and Two Classy Chics for this information, as well as an active sweeper who brought this to my attention.

If you cheat on my blogsite, or anyone else’s for that matter…. here’s what you are. (and this is spoken very nicely).

In my opinion – this is extremely rude, ungrateful, stupid, and not to mention selfish for anyone to do this, regardless of any situation. If I lose a sweeper or a reader – so be it. This is my blog, these are my rules and just like most bloggers – I do not tolerate bullshit on my website. Should you have an issue with this post, please feel free to contact me.

(Original Post from Mommy Goggles)

OH and for the record, I caught them cheating just the other day their names are Anna and Richard Titanic... from Hawaii. Beware.


  1. Deborah said...

    OK - so I see two ID's and two email addresses on one IP. Were there more? I'm asking because once in a blue moon, my SO will enter a blog giveaway that I enter. It really is once in a blue moon and we have seperate IDs, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and different email addresses (his is our and mine is gmail)...but while we don't share the same computer, we do share the same modem (although his netbook is wireless). I don't know much about how modems work but I'm guessing we'd show the same IP number.

    I'm only asking because I want to know if we'd be seen as cheating. Because that would really, really stink and I can tell you that I wouldn't react well at all to being publicly called out for cheating when I don't.

    Maybe there's more evidence that you're showing, and that's need to alert cheaters how you can figure them out.

    But it leaves me wondering if the simple act of sharing an IP is going to red flag us, or other couples or people who share computers or modems.

  2. Courtney said...

    Hi Deborah.. Im not sure but this person has been verified as a cheater because there are her entries, and HIS entries right after. I dont think that's right, its obviously the same person.. i'm sure what your doing is fine.

  3. Mari said...

    Thanks for posting this! It really irks me when I see cheaters win.

  4. Courtney said...

    yah i think i'm gonna make a new rule that says "one entry per household" im not sure if its fair even if your spouse enters... what do you guys think?

  5. Shelly said...

    Hi, My name is Shelly and I am the co-owner of the Two Classy Chics Blog. We posted about this issue over on our blog too and we outed them for cheating as well. We caught them several days ago but just made it public yesterday that we caught them.

    They enter giveaways that the same exact time, entries on the same giveaway going up & being posted at the same time using 2 or more ID's. Trust me, it is the same person. We banned them as well from our giveaways.

  6. debbie said...

    I think it should be one entry per household. It would elimante any question.
    I don't have a blog, but I was wondering this. If I see someone that I suspect as cheating, would it be okay to privately tell the blogger holding the contest?

  7. theflyingacc said...

    I have always thought more than one entry was an open door to cheating and it takes the "FUN" out of entering. Web hosts have even written to me because most of the time, I enter once and say I subscribed, tweeted and followed>>all on one entry. "You" all want the volume of entrys and you brought this on yourselves, you invited the cheaters and even caused the good people to get more clever because they want to win!! I am not a lucky person, but dog things are my passion and I won a wool ball (the greatest toy) and a Calming Collar that changed my dogs life>>it was thrilling for me! I think I am blessed and did not spend my days being sure I had twelve entrys, and I also do not have to spend my days removing all the emails I do not want.
    Please go to a "ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD" and show us things we actually like and let us decide if we want to know more about the sponsor!! It would be a true and honest exercize for everyone, rather than fake volumes and cheaters!

  8. hbbs55 said...

    I think it should be 'one per household' isn't the idea of the sponsor to get their product out and noticed, wife and hubby should not get extra entries to visit the site twice. I also think it should be if you won from sponsor in 6 months you are not eligble. I personally turned down a win which I had already won from another site, just because I entered every blog that was offering it. I thought it only fair.
    thanks for posting the cheaters, it kind of takes the fun out of it for everyone :(

  9. Kait P. said...

    I'm chiming in with a concern similar to Deborah's because I enter a lot of contests (SAHM who gets bored during long naps and can't be bothered to clean :) ), but if it's a biggie or something that we could desperately use, I e-mail it to my husband and he will sometimes enter as well. Same IP address, but my entries are always during the day and my husband's at night. But we are so not cheaters! It is rare, but on occassion we legitimtely have two entries coming from one household. So don't block Kait and James!

    But I'm glad you are on the lookout for actual cheaters since it does kind of take the fun out of it when the same person gets a million extra entries because they have fake accounts.

    Love your giveaways, keep up the good work!


  10. Courtney said...

    THANKS GUYS! i will be on the lookout and yes if you suspect someone is cheating please let me know. Of course IF I suspect a cheater, I would always msg them first. I might be the only person that reached out to cheater.. no answer surprisingly. They are banned.

  11. Judy B. said...

    I noticed these people entering and you could tell because of the timing and switching back and forth between identities.
    I think it would be unfair to limit it to one per household because there are some people who share computers out of financial necessity, and it would not be uncommon for people living in the same household to have similar interests (e.g. entering giveaways).
    As in Kait P's instance (above), I do not see entries from two people in one household as cheating. Usually cheaters will mess up and get greedy as Anna/Richard/Yoda did thinking that others would not notice. In their particular case, it was so blatant that it was stupid.
    I have seen other blatant improprieties (if not out and out cheating) and brought it to the attention of a couple of hosts without any response. I have since dropped my follow with those hosts. I am glad to see ethical blogger hosts who do care enough to keep their giveaways honest and "clean".
    Thanks Me and Bella, Two Classy Chicks, and any others who follow suit!

  12. Judy B. said...

    Sorry, I'm doing another comment b/c I just read the rest of the comments. I have seen over the giveaway blogosphere a difference in opinion in such issues as number of entries and number of allowable wins. I have to take issue with one entry giveaways and multiple wins. My opinion is that although one person may see one entry as being the most fun, others (such as myself) love the extra entries. To me, making lots of entries is what is fun. I like hitting all kinds of social media resources and to me that is a challange that is enjoyable. To each her own I guess.
    I enter a lot of giveaways and go for as many entries as I can get. To some that may seem "selfish", but we all have the same opportunities within each giveaway which implies fairness. It took me a lot of time and effort to learn all this. I feel its wrong to criticize someone or to criticize a giveaway for utilizing/allowing multiple or even numerous entries.
    I think the key is that there are enough giveaways out there to please each taste.
    Just as I enter a lot of giveaways, I win a lot as well, but only because I put so much time and energy to it. I win because my number comes up and that's only fair.
    I feel that it should be up to the sponsor how often a person can win their product; but I too will let the host know if I just recently won the same thing.
    Ok, I'm done. LOL.

  13. BethElderton said...

    This is the third or fourth blog on which I've read about these cheaters and, as a blog enthusiast, it boggles my mind! I can see how two people in the same household might accidentally or genuinely independently enter the same giveaway, but this person/people/household are showing a pattern of intention that is obviously dishonest. I hope this word gets out and these people are banned!

  14. bayctygrl said...

    I think it should be one entry per household period. It's fair and stops cheaters. If not when does it stop, husband, brother, sister, daughter etc...

  15. Kathleen said...

    Wow, I had no idea! I'll have to keep a lookout. And I definitely need to change my giveaway wording to one per household too. Thanks for the info.

  16. Jayne @ Mimi to Tee and Bee said...

    I think it's great that this issue is being addressed. I have had this problem before when I would get emails from multiple names...all with different "personalities" in their FB and Twitter profiles...all coming from the same person. It was like some sort of multiple personality disorder for blogger sweeps.

  17. Heather M said...

    They've entered on my blog as well. I just looked through all my emails though and it seems they've never won from me, although that seems VERY familiar. I'm going to search their names. Because I'm sure they've won. I bet there's other emails as well.

    Doesn't look like it (unless I've deleted it). How rude, ungrateful and selfish. You're totally right.
    I was thinking that maybe they both enter the giveaways, but what are the chances they'll both enter the exact same giveaways EVERY SINGLE TIME... Not very likely. BOO

  18. Heather M said...

    I don't show mine as one entry per household, but When I post my giveaways to a website, I make it one per household. I think that will now be a part of my rules as well. It will be added to my post from now on!!

  19. Keenly Kristin said...

    ARGH!!!! Thanks, Courtney, for posting this. Guess what? They got me, too! A few times, in fact...and one was for a Pure Pearls necklace. Now if that doesn't just put the icing on the cake.

    I am NOT happy. I am going to email them and tell them they're not eligible to enter my giveaways henceforth. I will post something about cheating, but I don't want to limit giveaways to one per household, because I'm concerned about people who share an Internet connection.

    This STINKS. All this time and effort and commitment that gets put into securing sponsors and running giveaways, and now we have to be sweepstakes cops? Come on. Ridiculous!

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