Too Cute for Words

2:49 PM Posted by Courtney B

I just felt like posting something "cute" and off topic. Two things I love are hello kitty and my precious Bella. And with my new camera, I've been trying to capture Bella's cutest moments. I'm also obsessing over Hello Kitty lately, especially with the new HK line at Sephora. So here's another random post with more weird Hello Kitty. And a little bit of Bella meshed in too.

How to make a Hello Kitty Egg for Easter:

Easy to handle, following these steps:

1. Boil a large size egg and remove the shell

2. put the egg into the mould when the egg still hot

3. Lock the mould and put it into cold water for 5 to 10 minutes

4. Take out the egg from the mould and you will see the lovely Hello Kitty boiled egg

Hello Kitty Wish List:

Rhinestone computer

Diamond Hello Kitty House

Hello Kitty Diamond Necklace


  1. LillyxxGal said...

    Adorable blog post! Where can I order/buy the HK egg mold? I have a 4 year old who would love this!! thanks :-)

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