I ♥ Rickety Rack

1:44 PM Posted by Courtney B

Rickety Rack is a vibrant independent online boutique offering ultra-feminine fashion from the heart of Los Angeles, a city continuously glamorized by celebrity style. Rickety Rack buys from independent designers before the pieces hit the streets and offer them below market value. Every item is carefully selected in lieu of their high standards and offered in very limited quantities.

I fell in love with Rickety Rack because all their clothing is unique and ultra feminine. Their collection is filled with ruffles, petals and all thinks girly. It reminds me of the 40's or 30's when women would wear tight fitting clothes around their waist with lots of frills and lace.

Here's a few of their new items!

Billowy Pastry Ruffle Tunic
(My favorite!) ($40)

The Confectionary Bauble Top ($40)

Pearl Trimmed Baby Doll Top ($30)

Rickety Rack is one of the best finds I've found on the internet so far for discounted women's clothing. Everything is so different from what you'd find at the mall and other local stores, I'm sure once you purchase something from them, you'll be the only one wearing it! Right now if you enter coupon code PREMIERE at checkout, you'll receive an additional 15% off your order!


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