Ann Hathaway

12:59 PM Posted by Courtney B

I know everyone loved how Ann Hathaway dressed at the Golden Globes, however I put her on my worst dressed list! Blah! I can't stand how she dresses, and this new picture at some movie premiere is just another reason for her to be blacklisted from any type of fashion show. Does she not have a mirror?


  1. Nichol said...

    That is hideous! What a horrible outfit.

  2. Natalie A. said...

    That is an ugly outfit! Wow!

  3. bayctygrl said...

    omg..looks like a 4 year old dressed her...wait no, my 4 year old had better fashion sense than this

  4. Keenly Kristin said...

    Courtney, what the hell is THIS? If you forget the shoes (which are cute...but way too casual), she looks like a homeless person. And I don't think she's going for that look. Ugh. When on the red carpet, she pulls out all the stops...otherwise, she's a train wreck.

  5. Courtney said...

    yah she's a hot mess!

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