The Weirdest Hello Kitty Products

5:42 PM Posted by Courtney B

I went shopping today and I was surprised by the sudden splurge of Hello Kitty all over the stores. I took the above pic at Fashion Q, unfortunately they were sold out in my size. Target, Fashion Q, Sephora, everyone is loving the cute little kitten. People are always asking me "Why do you love Hello Kitty so much"?" and I tell them she is so timeless and adorable. Most people say she is only for little girls but that is obviously not true because of the crazy Hello Kitty products out there today. Even Sephora has gotten on board the Kitty train with a whole line devoted to her.

Some people will go as far as getting Hello Kitty tattoos, Hello Kitty cars and much much more. How far will they go? Well I've put together an array of pictures showing you what kind of products she has gotten her name on.. and trust me, you're gonna be quite surprised!


  1. Nichol said...

    Oh that house is ROCKING! I like Hello Kitty she is cute, and not just for kids. And really a cap for a tooth? Hmmm..

  2. JosiahsMommy said...

    Haha. Check out these (hello kitty) wedding gowns to add to your pictures! She's everywhere.

  3. Keenly Kristin said...

    All I can say I think she's cute

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  4. Danielle said...

    Okay I think that the Hello Kitty people have lost their minds. I too think that she is a cute character but I am not in love with anything that much. But to each his own I guess.

    All I can do is SMH...

  5. casinos PayPal said...

    Brilliant idea

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