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Have you seen this look on celebs lately? I've seen it on celebs such as the Kardashians, Pink, Fergie and more. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the new fashion, but I realized quickly this is the new hot item this winter.

SpiritHoods are more than just a wild accessory, they represent this bond and the connection we have with our wild natures. Whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors, or are simply wild at heart – SpiritHoods are a NECESSITY for your life style. It’s simply about letting loose, being wild and having a good time.

Spirit Hoods Family is also pro wildlife, another thing I love about them. They are a big supporter of all animals all over the world, and to concentrate their efforts and make sure your donated dollars go to the right place, they've created “Product Blue.” When you purchase a Spirit Hood that contains the logo "Product Blue" you are automatically donating a portion of proceeds to help fund a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping your particular animal. I'm all for saving animals, especially the pandas! So cute! So it's just another reason to purchase one of these fabulous furs....

Spirit Hoods come in a variety of different "animals". But don't worry, these ferocious furs are made out of faux fur, and not animals were harmed while making these. They are handmade, and extra soft.

I love the Spirit Hood for many different reasons. Not only do you get your choice of furry faux friend, but the ends of the hood have little pockets simulate a paw on the other side. So adorable! Here are a couple different Spirit Hoods.

Those with a wolf spirit are fiercely loyal creatures. They are team players and work well in groups. The wolf is a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching those around it.

The rabbit is a spirit animal seen by many cultures as a trickster. Those with this spirit are constantly dancing between the boundaries of positive and negative. This spirit is often associated with luck, fertility, rebirth and abundance. The rabbit appreciates home and family, a safe burrow in which to nurture themselves. This spirit is very keen, aware of their surroundings and articulate. Rabbits can often be seen talking themselves out of sticky situations with ease

The Husky
spirit embodies spiritual well -being, resilience, and the ability to survive and guide others. This animal spirit works well with others and has great endurance in extreme circumstances. They are athletic, embodied, and have great physical strength. The Husky has immense determination and faith on a quest. They are hopeful and can survive in harsh environments. Their family bonds are strong, and they are extremely loyal to their pack.

The Leopard Spirit is able to blend in to many different circumstances with ease. People with this spirit find comfort in many different social situations yet also appreciate being alone. Often territorial and protective the Leopard naturally commands respect, without needing to demand it

Spirit Hoods aren't just for women either, they carry men's faux fur too. So you can even match up Hoodies! What a cute idea ♥

Final Thought: I love the Spirt Hoods. The prices range from $59-$249 depending on the style. I'm hooked on my "Wolf" Hoodie. I wanted to take a picture of me wearing it, but the dogs went crazy every time I put it on! So beware, your pets might go berserk! You can purchase the Spirit Hood at SpiritHoods.com Check out their blog here, it's really interesting, go check it out!

Disclosure: Product was sent to me for consideration from PR. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received for this post.


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