My Celeb Fashion Icons

11:40 AM Posted by Courtney B

Sick in bed today. Yuck. Thought I'd put together a list of my style icons including a couple outfits and where you can buy them. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day ♥

Kate Moss: favorite supermodel. She's got a trashy side, and a classy side. She's always dressed to impress. Here she is wearing Siwy Hannah Crop Jeans in Jet Black, buy them here for $198.

Siwy Hannah Crop Jean In Jet Black

Audrina Partridge:- Audrina dresses great, she knows what fits her body and what looks best on her. Here she is wearing a Daft Bird Oversized Crop Tee which sells for $82. Buy it here!

Daft Bird Sheer Oversized Crop Tee in 4 Colors

#1 Victoria Beckham:. She is my absolute favorite, I'm reading her book right now ♥ Here she is wearing The WildFox Tee, comes in Metal Black or Hot Red. Buy it for $68.80 here

Kim Kardashian: is one of my top fashion icons right now. She always looks stylish but classy at the same time. Here she is wearing a Militant jacket in an army green, (my favorite clothing color right now) and she looks great in it. The jacket is by Singer 22 and is 100% Silk

You can buy it here for $198
Blu Moon Militant Jacket in Army Green

My New Years Resolutions:

♥ Make more Money

♥ Gain 5 pounds

♥ Learn and figure out my new Nikon D90 Camera

♥ Spend less money, not be so addicted to shopping!


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