It's my Birthday!!

1:07 PM Posted by Courtney B

January 1st is my birthday! Had lots of fun, Nick got me a bag full of candy with some other things. A new lens for my camera, and some other things for my other new electronics!

My sister got me this beautiful 14K Gold Pendant from Nicole Ritchie's House of Harlow jewelry line. Love this necklace! Here's some celebs also wearing the locket. Love love it!

My gift to myself... some new stuff from MAC's new Stylishly Yours Line.

We went to Kabuki at Westgate for dinner, however the Fiesta Bowl was going on, so it was pretty loud, with a ton of stuff going on!

Check out our Japanese boat full of food! Isn't it pretty? ♥

We went to the Bingo to play some bingo, no luck there. Still fun.

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years! ♥


  1. Simply Being Mommy said...

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Romapr said...

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Courtney said...

    thank you!!!

  4. bayctygrl said...

    Looks like you had an awesome Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. kathy pease said...

    Happy Birthday Courtney :)

  6. Courtney said...

    thanks kathy!!! :)

  7. Tamara B. said...

    Happy Birthday and may allof your wishes come true :)

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