Kardashians for Sketchers

4:40 PM Posted by Courtney B

Wow are the Kardashians everywhere or is it just me? They are now promoting "Shape Ups" for who knows how much money.

Kardashian told PEOPLE press conference.

“When I was in New York, I wasn’t working out. I was feeling so depressed. But all that apparently changed when she was sent her first pair of Shape-ups. “I honestly would wear them just all around the hotel. The fact that I would feel something without even having to set foot on a treadmill just made me feel better.”

When asked about her favorite color and how they make a great addition to her workout wardrobe she said:

“I like neon. My shoe selection even before Skechers had always been really unique, and I pretty much wore simple, basic outfits, so you want your shoes to be your statement piece.”

To check out and shop the Kardashian’s new favorite shoes, visit skechers.com

Personally, I like the Reebok's better ♥


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