Christmas Post

5:04 PM Posted by Courtney B

Thought I'd post a couple Christmas pictures! Hope everyone had a Merry Xmas!!!!

Nick and his mom

6 Dog Stockings and 2 Cats, isn't it cute?

Lemon Cello... yum! Totally drank the whole thing already with Kari! ♥

New fabulous top from Urban Outfitters

Gift from me, to ME! Naturalizer Boots! So comfy!

IPAD!! Love this thing! Don't know how I lived without it!

Bella's new coat! She hates it!

Lobster! My favorite!

Christmas outfit with my new Naturalizer Boots! ♥


  1. Boys Formal Wear said...

    Wow... the IPAD i really really want those too, is that a gift from you? you are really lucky that you have that.

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