The Buckled Shoe

3:21 PM Posted by Courtney B

I'm sick of talking about boots! Time to talk about heels! Aren't these shoes to die for? But for $802 these Louboutin Lima Buckle Boots will sadly probably never be mine. But of course there are other option, CHEAPER options without having calf skin Louboutins, plus I don't even know if I would want shoes made out of calf skin! The Buckled Boot look is for sure in this season, and it doesn't have to break you bank.

You can always go the REPLICA route and buy these look alikes from another country, but I've learned that i enjoy wearing "fakes" whether it be shoes, handbags or sunglasses. YOU may be the only one that knows, however it just doesn't feel the same. And plus I don't think these look HALF as good as the original.

Steve Madden carries these buckled beauties for less then $100, and they come in a couple different colors.

For a couple hundred dollars you can get these buckled boots at Michael Kors. They are still expensive but aren't they fabulous?

Either way, I need to get myself a pair of buckled shoes. In every color! ♥


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