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4:50 PM Posted by Courtney B

Ahh yes who doesn't love cashmere? Every year I wish for it, but I never get it. I have one cashmere sweater, but I'm so afraid to wear it in fear it will get ruined. So today I'm going to tell you about a cashmere shop I found that sells slippers, blankets, scarves and more, and yes it's all cashmere! It's all hand-crafted so you are guaranteed a beautiful product. Here's a couple of my favorites.

It's the time of year again for scarves! And I'm super excited about it! I get giddy when it comes time to wear these and boots! The Pure Top Quality Cashmere Scarf Armony comes in lots of different colors and sizes, and can be worn so many ways. It is 100% cashmere, so I can only imagine how soft it is.

Next up on my "Cashmere Christmas List" is the Unisex Cashmere Wool Slipper. This is a little different because it's a blend of wool and cashmere together, all hemmed by hand. These would make a great gift for anyone that loves comfort and cashmere! You can buy these in sizes S-XL. You can also get them in a gift box, perfect for Christmas!

How cute is this? This Cashmere Baby Blanket can be for a boy, or girl and is soft, warm and elegant. This comes packed in a beautiful gift box, and only comes in one color, neutral. If you've ever slept on cashmere, you will know it is so comfortable and warm. So not only would this make a great Christmas gift, but it would also be perfect for a baby shower.

You can buy all the above cashmere items, and more at Cashmere-wool shop online. Right now we have a 15% discount coupon code, use blogfriend at checkout.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow love this site... nice of soft stuff. Did you already by from them?

  2. Courtney said...

    nope not yet, but i'm hoping i will soon!

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